The Easiest and Most Affordable Path to Absolute 2016 ICANL Report Compliance

  • 2016 ICANL Standards Compliant
  • 100% ICANL Error-Checking
  • Super Quick & Easy
  • Improve Your Professional Image
  • Interpret Your Own Way
  • Affordable for Any Size Lab
Nuclear Cardiology Reporting Software

Have 5 minutes & a PC with Word?


  • New 2016 ICANL Report Standards are Tougher Than Ever
  • 100% Compliant with the New Standards
  • Error Checks for Every ICANL Required Report Element
  • Fast & Easy: 20 Seconds for Normal Images
  • Impeccable Reports Improve Your Reputation
  • Perfect Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling
  • Immediate Report Turnaround
  • Email / Phone Support + Video Tutorials
  • Volume Based Pricing
  • Great Customer Service: Testimonials

Try it Now.

All you need is 5 minutes & a PC w/ Word

Click the button to get your demo template. Watch the 2 minute video below. Create reports.

System Requirement:  A PC with Word 2007 or newer

Our Sales Process:

  • Try it (Above)
  • Get an Exact Quote & 30 Day Trial (Below)
  • Call Us w/ any Questions or Do a Remote Demo
  • Complete the Customization Survey & Email it to Us
  • Pay by CC# or Check
  • We Customize Your Software Precisely for You
  • We Train You Remotely & Support You
  • Money Back if You Don’t Like it After 30 Days
  • See FAQ for Additional Info
SPECT MPI Report Software



Rebecca Stripling, CNMT

"I love it"

The Interpreting MDs love it

The billing office loves it

The turn around time is less than one day

Thank you again!

Sheena Sharma MD FACC

"Goes above & beyond to provide excellent service"

Working with Jim is an absolute pleasure as he is extremely professional and dedicated, and goes well above and beyond to provide excellent service.

His process includes carefully listening to his clients, and generative discussions in which multiple different options are discussed, to help craft a solution that works well in your laboratory.

He was also available for questions, and special customization which further augmented our reporting software.

We have now fully implemented the Template Reporting System, are very proud of our final reports & have achieved IAC Nuclear Accreditation thanks in part to Jim’s hard work.”

Mark C. Goldberg, MD FACC

"Very well designed software"

Fast and super-easy to use once you've done about 7 reports

Complete, concise, well-organized and nice-looking reports

Free from any errors

Absolute adherence to ICANL & ASNC reporting standards

Quickly digestible single-page reports

ICANL Application Review Findings

For a Lab Using the Template Reporting System

"Report structure and content is very good and also closely aligned with The Standards."

Jeffrey Harris, Lead Technical Analyst

"A very well written & supported application"

Easy, clear, concise and correctly communicated

Extremely pleased with the software; would recommend to anybody looking for an affordable solution

Very pleased with our choice

Jim is one of a kind & very passionate about wanting to help others produce top notch documentation

Chris Gilles, MD ABNM

Medical Director

"Very helpful addition to our lab"

Intuitive to use

Report creation is quick

Final reports looks great

Recommend to any size physician group to standardize the final report, which is the most important part of an MPI study

Jana Boerger, CNMT RT(N)

"Service & support exceeds my expectations"

Has satisfied the needs as well as the budget of our practice

Very easy to customize

Service and support exceeds my expectations

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