Nuclear Stress Test Reports with a Focus on ICANL Compliance

  • 2016 ICANL Standards Compliant
  • Work Fast with Confidence
  • Super Quick & Easy
  • Improve Your Professional Image
  • Interpret Your Own Way
  • Affordable for Any Size Lab
Nuclear Cardiology Reporting Software

Have 5 minutes & a PC with Word?


  • New 2016 ICANL Report Standards are Tougher Than Ever
  • 100% Compliant with the New Standards
  • Error Checks for Every ICANL Required Report Element
  • Fast & Easy: 20 Seconds for Normal Images
  • Impeccable Reports Improve Your Reputation
  • Perfect Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling
  • Immediate Report Turnaround
  • Email / Phone Support + Video Tutorials
  • Volume Based Pricing

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All you need is 5 minutes & a PC w/ Word

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System Requirement:  A PC with Word 2007 or newer

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  • We Customize Your Software Precisely for You
  • We Train You Remotely & Support You
  • Money Back if You Don’t Like it After 30 Days
  • See FAQ for Additional Info
SPECT MPI Report Software

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