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Learn About the Template Reporting System

Simple & Affordable Reporting Software:

Our Nuclear Cardiology Reporting Software consists of Automated Microsoft Word Templates.

It has a simple, fast & intuitive pop-up graphical user interface & sophisticated algorithms that create perfect reports every time.

Normal images take about 20 seconds of an Interpreting MD's time:

Quick Normal Report Screen

Quick Normal Report Screen: About 20 seconds for Normal Images

All data entry and program execution happens inside of the Word document; thus the only system requirement is a PC with Word 2007 or newer.

You save your reports as PDFs & easily upload or scan into any modern EMR.

The thing that sets our software apart  is our automatic ICANL error-checking & corrective messaging algorithms.

They make it almost impossible for your staff to produce non-ICANL-compliant reports.

Our solution is the most affordable and easiest to learn & use.  You can be up & running less than a week from now.

Keeps You Compliant with the New 2017 ICANL Standards:

The New ICANL Standards which are effective March 15th, 2017 have added a number of New Reporting Requirements.

It is now virtually impossible to consistently comply with these new Standards without sophisticated structured reporting software such as our own.

Our automatic error checking algorithms have recently been updated to keep you 100% compliant with the New ICANL Standards for March 2017.

Keeps Your Referring MDs Referring to You:

It irritates referring MDs when they receive wordy, poorly structured, multiple page reports with extraneous and irrelevant information obscuring what is important:

  • They must painstakingly scrutinize it to extract any relevant information
  • They are at risk of missing important details, or even an entire page

Many nuclear cardiology reports are unnecessarily more than one page, reporting information in non-standard terminology that is scattered all over the place in a manner lacking order and coherence.


Referring MDs appreciate you when you send them a clear and precise 1 page document that carefully presents all of the relevant facts in an well-ordered and concise fashion:

  • Intuitively Structured
  • Concise 1-page reports
  • Pleasing to the eye
  • Easy to digest quickly
  • (For example, an Exercise Summary Section for a quick look at relevant stress test findings)

Complete, Concise & Comprehensive 1-Page Reports:

  • ASNC-standardized report elements
  • All ICANL required report elements pre-built into final reports
  • Over 120 automatic error checks per template check for logical consistency and completeness
  • The structure & error-checking give you peace of mind that you didn't forget anything
  • Your patients are safe from errors in communication

Creates Reports Quickly, Easily & Inexpensively:

Quickly and easily produces high-quality reports

very affordable one-time fee licenses you to use the software "forever" - no recurring fees to decrease your profitability.

Your price is dependent on your volume of studies per year- now every lab can afford exceptional final reports.

You can even pay for your perpetual license key in 6 monthly installments.

Demographics, Imaging Protocol & Stress Sections:

  • Takes 2-3 minutes and can be done by a Technologist, NP/PA/RA/RN, or MA
  • Your personnel transcribe data from a carefully coordinated 1-page Stress Worksheet
  • Technologists who regularly enter this data become more in tune with clinical aspects of nuclear cardiology & their patients, thus increasing their value to their practice or department

Image Interpretation Section:

  • Simple Graphical User Interface for Interpreting MDs
  • Complete, yet simple; master it in minutes
  • "Fast & super-easy to use after you've read about 7 studies" ~ Mark C. Goldberg, MD FACC
  • Interpreting MD constructs by a few quick clicks
  • Quick Normal report feature: ~ 20 seconds for normal reports
  • Abnormal Images take less than 1 minute
  • Accomodates preferences of multiple Interpeting MDs:
  • Pre-load with as many of your own custom sentences as you like.

Other Benefits:

  • End recurring fees that erode your practice's already pressured profit margin
  • Protect your accreditation with ICANL, ACR, or JCAHO
  • Please your referring MDs- concise, efficient, attractively laid out 1-page reports
  • Protect against audits by Recovery Audit Contractors by documenting every detail

Easy to Learn & Get Up & Running:

  • Test drive our QuickStart Demo Template & see how easy it is
  • Get a free, fully functioning 30 Day Trial & use it to create actual reports
  • Purchase your License Key anytime & check out securely through PayPal
  • Over 20 concise Online Video Tutorials cover every aspect of use & customization
  • Or, we will customize your templates for you & train you remotely for a small fee
  • We can usually have you operational within 1 week of receiving your Custom Set-Up Checklist

Protects You from Audits & Demonstrates AUC Fulfillment:

We are now under considerable pressure from insurance companies to justify the need for every study, from accreditation agencies to demonstrate Appropriate Use Criteria fulfillment, and from commission-driven "Recovery Audit Contractors" (RACs) to painstakingly document every minute detail.
Does your current method of producing final reports help you in these regards, or is it leaving you at risk?
  • Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) is now a fundamental quality control measure will likely be used by insurance companies sooner than we realize to authorize reimbursement
  • It behooves us to get familiar with AUC now and build it into our documentation
  • Our "Indications" are specifically designed to show fulfillment of AUC, using language from the 2009 Appropriate Use Criteria
  • This protects you from having to justify your decisions in the future

Every minute detail about the patient, the imaging protocol, the stress test, and the images is built into our templates and error-checked:

  • Gives you peace of mind against future audits and site visits by accreditation agencies and RACs
Need An Invoice / Quote / More Info?

Nuclear Cardiology Reporting Software has to please many people, who each may have very particular requirements.

All these people have to be on board:

  • Interpreting Physicians (who may have differing reporting preferences)
  • Technologists
  • IT professionals
  • Department / Practice Managers

We are confident that our software is flexible and affordable enough to satisfy just about every situation and combination of people.

Click here to request your personalized invoice / quote.  We’ll send you an exact quote for your particular situation.

We’ll also send you some sample reports, testimonials, and an overview of how the Template Reporting System works, which should enable all your personnel to make an informed decision.

Request your personalized invoice / quote / more info

Template Reporting System Perpetual License

Elegant & Affordable Reporting Software:

Microsoft Word based Nuclear Cardiology Reporting Software with complete 2017 ICANL error checking & corrective messaging.

We make it almost impossible for your staff to produce a non-ICANL-compliant final report.

Your perpetual license will enable up to 7 PCs per physical location to use the Template Reporting System “forever”.


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  • Billed once per month, 6 times

  • Billed once per month, 6 times

  • Billed once per month, 6 times

  • Billed once per month, 6 times

  • Billed once per month, 6 times

  • Billed once per month, 6 times

  • Billed once per month, 6 times

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Customization & Training Package

We customize your templates precisely for your lab- your protocols, your personnel, your branding, everything.

Also, we will conduct remote online training & give you priority support while you’re learning (this is usually not even necessary).

You will be provided with a customization questionnaire document.  Once you complete it & email to us, we can usually have you up and running within 1 week.

Please Note:

IF you purchase a Customization & Training Package AND you choose to pay for your License Key in 6 monthly payments (as opposed to a one-time fee):

THEN you must make 2 separate credit card transactions, one for the 6 recurring monthly payments, and one for the upfront customization / training fee.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


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