Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it ICANL Compliant?

Yes.  You will not have to worry about ICANL audits & re-applications again.

We built our software from the ground up based upon strict adherence to 3 sets of standards:

  • 2016 ICANL Standards (still current)
  • 2009 ASNC Reporting Standards
  • 2008 Multi-Society Cardiac Imaging Standards

All report elements comply with these standards.

Also, our sophisticated Error-Checking & Corrective Messaging algorithms ensure that there are no omissions, errors, or contradictions present in your reports.

You will get a “SUCCESS” message to ensure you that your reports are ICANL Compliant.

How Much Time Does a Report Take?

Technologists:  2 – 2.5 minutes per report.

Interpreting MDs:  Less than 20 seconds for normal images; less than 1 minute for abnormal.

Once the Interpreting MD is done, the report is complete.  It has already been error-checked for:

  • Errors
  • Ommissions
  • ICANL Compliance
  • Logical Contradictions
Integration into My Practice / Hospital

The final report is a PDF file, which can be easily uploaded or scanned into any EHR.

Our software is stand-alone.

It does not directly communicate with Image Processing Workstations, EHRs or hotlab software.

How Does the Pricing / Licensing Work?

We charge a one-time licensing fee (per site).

The license fee depends upon how many studies per year you perform.

The license allows you to use your software forever, on up to 4 PCs per site.

For an extra $650, we will customize your templates precisely for your lab:

Also included with the $650 is:

  • A remote training session on your customized templates
  • Email support
  • Text support
  • Phone support
  • Screen sharing support if necessary
  • (We may first point you to 1 of our 20 video tutorials to answer your questions)
How Will I be Supported?

If you take advantage of the $650 Custom Setup / Training Package, you get:

  • Live remote training session on your customized templates
  • Email support
  • Text support
  • Phone support
  • Screen sharing support (when necessary)
  • We may first point you to 1 of our 20 video tutorials

We’ll always do whatever is necessary to resolve your issue.

Most of our customers don’t need any support after their first week; it’s all very intuitive.

Our corrective error messaging tells you exactly what to do if you get off track.

If you don’t take advantage of the $650 setup/training package, we’ll still support you via email.

Can I Customize My Own Templates?


If you want to save $650, we have video tutorials which are sufficient to enable you to completely customize every aspect of your templates.

We’ll still answer all your questions by email, but you won’t have live remote training on your customized templates, or phone / screen sharing support.

How Does it Work?

Our software creates one thing:  ICANL compliant Nuclear Cardiology (SPECT/PET MPI) final reports.

The software is contained within Automated MS Word templates (.docm files) with built in programming & graphical user interface.

All report creation happens within MS Word.

No external programs or databases are needed.

System requirement:  A PC with MS Word 2007 or newer

How Does the Error Checking Work?

For every section of the report you create:

  • Demographics / History
  • Stress Test / Dosages
  • Image Interpretation

You will press a button which triggers sophisticated error-checking & corrective messaging algorithms.

If you omit any ICANL-required report elements, OR if there are any logical contradictions in your report, you will notified with a specific message about what is wrong and exactly how to correct it.

If all required report elements are present & there are no contradictions, you will get a “SUCCESS” message indicating there are no problems.

Every report goes through ~ 120 error checks.

Does It Support PET MPI?

Yes and no.

It will create an ICANL compliant report for PET Rb-82 MPI stress tests.

It does not have functionality for absolute blood flow or FDG PET viability studies.

What Kind of Technology Do I Need?

You need:  A PC with Word 2007 or newer in the Reading Room.

Optional:  Another PC with Word for the CNMT to complete their part of the report away from reading room.

If using more than 1 PC, a shared folder on a local server is handy (but not necessary) to manage the report files.

How Soon Could I Be Up & Running?

Within 1 week after you pay & return the Customization Survey.

Are Polar Plots an Option?


We believe all reports should be 1 page in length.

Otherwise, when printed at healthcare providers’ offices, report pages tend to get separated which potentially causes confusion & mistakes.

Summed Stress Scores & Perfusion Defect Extent percentages are an option.


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