How to Purchase the NucReporter


~ Quick, Simple & Easy to Evaluate & Implement ~

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Watch Demo Video

Demonstration Video:


Get an Online Demo

Online Demos Take ~ 45 Minutes to 1 hour:

  • Chief CNMT & a Decision-Making Physician should participate
  • We show everybody exactly how it works & answer all questions
  • Then you can start your free trial & make your life easier.

Schedule Your Online Demo:


Try it for Free for 30 Days

Get Your Trial Version Customized

What We Need to Get Started:

  • A 15 minute phone call with your Chief Tech
  • Branding Images, Signatures, etc
  • Your custom sentences (we can add these later if you like)

Customization Includes:

  • Live Online Training
  • Priority support during your trial


Here's What You Get with Customization:
We Customize Everything for You in ~ 3 Business Days or Less:
Your Templates Precisely Reflect Your Nuclear Lab
Header / Logo / Accreditation Seal / Footer / Lab Contact info + Layout & Typography Tweaks
Custom Demographics Variables
Stress & Imaging Protocols Reflect Your Policy & Procedure Manual
Your Custom Sentences in 4 Different Places in Image Interpretation Builder
Set Up Password-Protected Electronic Signatures
Remote Online Training Session on Your Customized Templates
Priority Support 1st Month: Text, Phone, Email, Screen Sharing
Live Online Training

Online Training on Your Customized NucReporter:

  • We’ll demonstrate all functionality
  • We’ll answer all your questions
  • Most clients skip this since everything is so intuitive, but we can go as long as 4 hours if you like.
Zero-Risk 30-Day Trial

Use it for 30 Days:

  • 100% fully functioning, fully customized trial
  • Full tech support during your trial
  • Keep your reports if you decide you don’t like it
  • No risk to your practice / institution
  • You’ll never have to explain why you bought something people don’t like
  • Don’t pay a cent until you’re sure everybody loves it

Keep It

  • You can pay a one-time fee (or 6 monthly payments) & then have the right to use the NucReporter forever.
  • This is called a “perpetual license”; it allows you to use your NucReporter forever.
  • Or you can a monthly recurring fee (for a one year minimum comittment) which entitles you to use it for as long as you keep paying.
  • Set up & customization is free with all pricing options; you get to try it for 30 days with no obligation.

Priority Support:

  • Phone
  • Text
  • Email
  • Screen Sharing if necessary
  • We may refer you to a Concise Video Tutorial before Screen Sharing
  • Most clients call us once or twice during 1st week & never need to again
  • Full access to the Video Training Center which demonstrates all use & customization
Updates, IT, etc...


  • Zero IT footprint / burden to your office / department
  • All program execution happens inside MS Word Documents
  • Save as PDF from inside Word & upload to EHR
  • No applications or databases to maintain or repair on your servers
  • Word files ideally reside on a server; you access via folder shortcuts on your PCs’ desktops
  • You work on reports at your PC with MS Word.  1 person may edit a template at a time.
  • The License is forever– as long as MS Word functions, you can use your Templates

We’ve Never Had to Service Anything… It Simply Works

  • However, lifetime support is included


  • $200 / year for updates (optional)
  • Yearly updates included with monthly subscription
  • (ICANL updates their standards every 5 years or so)

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