How to Purchase the Template Reporting System


~ Easy to Quickly Evaluate & Rapidly Implement ~

 Easy Steps to Fast, Perfect Reports:

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Completely Affordable for every Nuclear Cardiology Lab:

  • Even if you use a mobile service 1x / week!
  • Our Mission is to enable every lab to easily create perfect reports

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All you need is a PC with Word 2007 or newer:

  • We’ll send it to Your Inbox Immediately
  • A 2 Minute Video explains how to use it
  • It’s Intuitive & Self-Explanatory; you can evaluate it in 5 Minutes
  • You may Experiment with it for 30 days
  • Create reports over & over again to explore it’s functionality.
Template Reporting System Word DownloadGet 5 Minute Demo Template Now
Schedule Online Demo

Online Demos Take ~ 45 Minutes to 1 hour:

  • Chief CNMT & Decision-Making Physician(s) should participate
  • We show everybody exactly how it works & answer all questions
  • Then we get approval & start making your life easier.

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We Customize it for You


We Charge a One-Time Fee:

  • Complete Customization is Included
  • You may also choose to pay over 6 months

30-day Money Back Guarantee:

  • If you try it for 30 days, and you decide you don’t like it, we’ll give you your money back.
  • (We’ve never had a return)
Get Your Templates Beautifully Customized

You Get:

  • Your Templates Precisely Customized (see below)
  • Usually Done Within ~ 3 business days of receipt of Payment & Questionnaire & Protocols
  • Live Online Training
  • Priority support 1st month

What We Need From You to Get Started:

  • Payment
  • Fill out Customization Questionnaire & Return to Us
  • (or a 20 minute phone call with your Chief Tech can replace the questionnaire)
  • Your Stress & Imaging Protocols can serve as a substitute for much of Questionnaire.
  • Branding Images, Signatures, etc
Here's What You Get with Customization:
You have your Chief CNMT complete the Customization Questionnaire & supply us with your protocols, branding images, etc
We Customize Everything for You in ~ 3 Business Days or Less:
Your Templates Precisely Reflect Your Nuclear Lab
Header / Logo / Accreditation Seal / Footer / Lab Contact info + Layout & Typography Tweaks
Custom Demographics Variables
Stress & Imaging Protocols Reflect Your Policy & Procedure Manual
Your Custom Sentences in 4 Different Places in Image Interpretation Builder
Set Up Lab Personnel
Set Up Password-Protected Electronic Signatures
Set Up Custom Workflow / File Management on Your PCs
Remote Online Training Session on Your Customized Templates (most people don't even need this because it's so intuitive, but we can go as long as you like)
Priority Support 1st Month: Text, Phone, Email, Screen Sharing

Get the Customization Questionnaire


Easily Create Perfect Reports

Live Online Training

Within ~3 business days of receiving your Customization Questionnaire:

  • We’ll demonstrate all functionality
  • We’ll answer all your questions
  • Most clients skip this since everything is so intuitive, but we can go as long as 4 hours if you like.

Easily Create Perfect Reports

Start Using It:

  • CNMTs: 2 – 2.5 minutes/report
  • MDs: 30 seconds for normal images, less than 1 minute for abnormal
  • Error Checking & Corrective Messaging alerts you if you forget something or contradict yourself
  • Confidence that All Your Reports are: ICANL/ACR Compliant, Free from Errors or Omissions
  • Immediate Report Turnaround:  As soon as MD interprets images, report is complete.
  • Perfect grammar, spelling, punctuation, alignment, spacing


Priority Support:

  • Phone
  • Text
  • Email
  • Screen Sharing if necessary
  • We may refer you to a Concise Video Tutorial before Screen Sharing
  • Most clients call us once or twice during 1st week & never need to again
  • Full access to the Video Training Center which demonstrates all use & customization

30 day Money Back Guarantee

Details, Terms:

  • To Make Certain you like it.
  • Use your Fully Customized Templates for 30 Days
  • If you decide you don’t like them, we’ll give you Your Money Back
  • We’ve Never Had a Return yet

Updates, IT, etc...


  • Zero IT footprint / burden to your office / department
  • All program execution happens inside MS Word Documents
  • Save as PDF from inside Word & upload to EHR
  • No applications or databases to maintain or repair on your servers
  • Word files ideally reside on a server; you access via folder shortcuts on your PCs’ desktops
  • You work on reports at your PC with MS Word.  1 person may edit a template at a time.
  • The License is forever– as long as MS Word functions, you can use your Templates

We’ve Never Had to Service Anything… It Simply Works

  • However, lifetime support is included

ICANL Standards Updates Free for 2 Years

  • $500 for ICANL Standards Updates thereafter
  • If the ICANL Standards change, and you need your templates updated to comply, we’ll do it for $500.
  • (ICANL updates their standards every 5 years or so)

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