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What’s in the Quick-Start Demo Download?

1) A Quick-Start Demo Template

This is a report template, partially filled in for the sake of speed as you demo the software.

With this you can quickly experiment experiment with the NucReporter for 14 days:

  • Quickly create your own fictitious reports
    • For the purpose of experimentation / evaluation
  • See how our report automation features work
    • Calculations
    • Formatting
    • Error-checking
    • Corrective messaging
    • Image interpretation builder
    • Report finalization / PDF creation
    • Etc.

2) Additional materials

Quick-Start Guide PDF:

  • Quick instructions on how to use the Quick-Start demo
    • NOTE: We recommend you use this Knowledge base instead
      • The Knowledge Base is much more thorough

Stress Worksheets:

  • SPECT/PET MPI stress worksheet
  • ETT Worksheet

These are printed and filled out by hand during the stress test by the stress test supervisor,

Later, an MA or CNMT enters the data into the NucReporter templates. This takes 2 – 2.5 minutes per report.

Sample Reports:

Examples of various types of reports the NucReporter can create with some headers we’ve designed (this is included in customization).

Video Tutorial:

A short welcome video to get you started.

  • Again, this Knowledge Base is the best place to get your questions answered

License Agreement:

  • The terms for using the Quick-Start download.
  • Basically use it only for experimenation / evaluating a possible purchase for your nuclear cardiology lab.
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