Nuclear Cardiology Lab Documentation

Posted on April 5th, 2014 by Jim McGee, BS CNMT NCT

Nuclear Cardiology Documentation

All items below are free for your use

Here some PDFs and editable Word documents that you can download and use in your nuclear cardiology lab.

Stress Test Worksheets:*

* The Stress Test Worksheets below are not guaranteed or represented to necessarily be clinically or legally sufficient. Please use your own professional judgement and discretion, and refer to the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology Guidelines when needed.

Patient Preparation Documents:**

** The preparation instructions in the below documents were adapted from this article which was published in the Journal of Nuclear Cardiology in 2006:   Journal of Nuclear Cardiology Best Patient Prep Article

Please consult with this article for complete patient preparation instructions.

From Astellas: Very Helpful Resources for Your Patients

The good folks who brought us Lexiscan have some truly excellent resources available online for you to give to your Nuclear Cardiology patients.

Some of their PDFs explain how to prepare how to prepare for the test, and others educate about Nuclear Stress Testing & Coronary Artery Disease in general.

All of their PDFs are very polished, in full color, and are available in English and in Spanish.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of a feature where you can upload your practice’s name, address and logo so that they will all appear on the first page of the PDFs.  I tried it, and this feature actually works perfectly.

If you’ve got a color printer, you can easily give your patients first-class educational resources (or even with a b&w printer.)

Click here  or on the image below to go to Astellas’ Patient Resources Homepage:

Astellas’ site is very easy to navigate.

However I would like to point out in the image below exactly how you can download their documents without customizing them first.  It can be a little difficult to spot that link.

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