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Developed, Field-Tested & Painstakingly Perfected in the Real World

Our Story

The NucReporter was conceived & developed by Jim McGee, BS CNMT RT(R)(N), who was the Technical Director of an ICANL accredited nuclear cardiology lab for 11 years.  He successfully passed 3 ICANL applications & 3 ICANL audits on the first attempt, with no issues.

In 2010, SPECT MPI reimbursement was abruptly cut by 30%.  Jim’s lab had been using some expensive reporting software, but funding for that was cut due to the decline in reimbursement.  Jim was told to create the reports on his own.

If you are accredited by ICANL & responsible for ICANL compliance, you know that is easier said than done.

Because ICANL has extremely rigorous report requirements (7 pages worth).

Plus, the ICANL Standards recommend that you standardize your reports in accordance with ASNC’s 65 pages of reporting standards.

So, Jim began developing his own reporting software in 2010Eventually, a team of developers created what is today the NucReporter.

The first step was a complete & meticulous cataloging of:

  • The ASNC Reporting Guidelines
  • The ICANL & ACR Standards
  • The (Intersocietal) Key Data Elements and Definitions for Cardiac Imaging.

On that foundation, we built a reporting solution that meticulously adheres to the letter of every standard. 

Then we added air-tight Error-Checking & Corrective Messaging algorithms which virtually remove the possibility of errors, & eliminate the need for proofreading.

Our physicians liked it so much (due to its speed, simplicity & report quality) that they encouraged us to commercialize it.

So, after 3 years of initial development (entailing many thousands of hours of building, testing & tweaking every little detail), we released it to the public in 2013.

The NucReporter has been field-tested & improved daily ever since.  Every minute detail has been painstakingly & continuously made to be flawless.  We have obsessed over every detail so that you don’t have to.

Now the NucReporter creates flawless, single-page, 100% ICANL-compliant, amazingly clear & complete reports, with a minimum of user effort:

  • Normal images take 33 seconds of a Cardiologist’s time
  • Abnormal images take less than a minute
  • Or, Cardiologists can use our Interpretation Checklist (PDF)
    and spend even less time on reports

What About You & Your Lab?

If you don’t have amazing reporting software, we can save you time, make your life easier & add value to your lab.

Why not invest an hour in a free live remote demo?

Most practices who do the demo decide to purchase.

Not because we’re good at selling.  But because the NucReporter is ideally suited for the real world.

Remember, there’s zero risk to you.

All of our customers are happy.

You may find your practice or department thanking you for finding the perfect solution.

Jim McGee BA BS CNMT ARRT(N)(R) on LinkedinJim McGee BA BS CNMT ARRT(N)(R) on TwitterJim McGee BA BS CNMT ARRT(N)(R) on Youtube
Jim has been the Technical Director of an IAC Nuclear/PET nuclear cardiology lab for 11 years.

He originally developed the NucReporter to keep his own lab's reports 100% IAC compliant. But his interpreting physicians liked it so much, they encouraged him to commercialize it.

Jim's vision is to make affordable a world where all CNMTs & Cardiologists breeze through reports and go home earlier, while producing single-page nuclear stress test reports that are comprehensive, clear, concise, compliant & error-free.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to save you time & add significant value to your nuclear lab.

By making ICANL compliant reporting simple, quick & easy.

Our reports are error-free & easy to read & understand.  This protects your reimbursement, boosts your practices’ reputation & eliminates unnecessary repeat testing.

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