Built for Technical Directors & Cardiologists:

Are you an ICANL Technical Director or Medical Director?

If you are, do you know for certain that every Nuclear Cardiology Report your lab generates is 100% ICANL Compliant?  

Do you have the proper tool for that job?

If the answer is no, you know that’s a bad position to be in.

Because you’re most likely the one who’s responsible for navigating ICANL audits & re-applications & random site-visits & (now-mandatory) Report Compliance QI studies.

  • And ICANL scrutinizes our reports more than anything else.

You know how stressful, awkward & risky ICANL scrutiny can be when your reports don’t meticulously adhere to the Standards.

It can cause you to feel like the other shoe is about drop.

  • If accreditation lapses, so does your nuclear lab’s ability to collect revenue.

History of the Template Reporting System:

In 2010, we began developing Nuclear Cardiology Reporting Software.

The first step was a meticulous study & cataloging of:

  • The ASNC Reporting Guidelines
  • The ICANL & ACR Standards
  • The (Intersocietal) Key Data Elements and Definitions for Cardiac Imaging.

On that foundation, we built a reporting solution that meticulously adheres to the letter of every standard.

For added certainty, we implemented Comprehensive Error-Checking & Corrective Messaging Algorithms.

  • These notify users of the slightest deviation from the Standards
  • They also give explicit instructions on exactly how to remedy accreditation issues, errors, omissions or logical inconsistencies.
  • They even gives you a “SUCCESS” message when your report is 100% error-free and accreditation compliant.

Our physicians liked it so much (due to its speed, simplicity & report quality) that they encouraged us to commercialize it.

NuclearCardiologyReports.com was born, and our mission is:

  • To enable every nuclear cardiology lab to quickly & easily create pixel-perfect ICANL-compliant final reports.

The Template Reporting System:

After 7 years of meticulous coding, daily field-testing & improvements in the real world, the Template Reporting System is the easiest & fastest way of creating super-high-quality, ICANL-Compliant Reports.


What really sets it apart from competitors is sophisticated ICANL Error-Checking & Corrective Messaging algorithms.

  • There are 238 error checks that keep your reports perfect.
  • It is nearly impossible to create a report with errors, omissions, logical inconsistencies or compliance problems.

Speed & Ease-of-Use:

Cardiologists love the simple & intuitive user interface as well as the speed.

  • 33 physician seconds per report for normal images (total)

Its amazing flexibility gives multiple Interpreting MDs to each say things their own way (while remaining ICANL compliant).

  • Clinical description of defects in the Impression (ASNC nomenclature in Imaging Findings)
  • Unlimited custom sentences available via a click

Reports are 100% error-checked & complete (& electronically signed) as soon as the Physician interprets the images.

  • Report turnaround is immediate.

Report Quality & Usefulness:

Cardiologists love the professional appearance & clarity of the reports:

  • Reports are perfect: easy to quickly digest & zero spelling, grammatical, punctuation, spacing or alignment errors.
  • Visual hierarchy appropriately emphasizes the most important elements of the report
  • Reports make your lab look great to anybody who sees them (such as referring physicians).

Affordable & a Cinch to Implement:

Volume-based pricing makes it easily affordable for any lab.

There’s no IT burden; no applications or databases to install & maintain; everything happens inside Word.

Then finalize as PDF & upload/scan to any EHR.

What About You & Your Lab?

If you think this might save you time, make your life easier & add value to your lab, contact us now.

We can explore if it might be right for your lab.  And if so, what might be the quickest & easiest way to get it implemented for you.  You can be up & running in a few days.

Most practices who do a live demo decide to purchase, and all of our customers are happy.

You just might find your practice or department thanking you for finding the perfect solution.

Get Your Questions Answered Now:


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Jim McGee BA BS CNMT ARRT(N)(R) on LinkedinJim McGee BA BS CNMT ARRT(N)(R) on TwitterJim McGee BA BS CNMT ARRT(N)(R) on Youtube
Jim is the Technical Director of an ICANL Accredited Nuclear Cardiology Lab & the Developer of the Template Reporting System- Simple & Affordable 2017 ICANL Compliant Reporting Software.

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Our Mission:

To enable every Nuclear Cardiology Lab to quickly & easily create pixel-perfect ICANL-Compliant reports.

Ishwara Sharma MD

"It makes me look like a genius"

I love it, I push a few buttons and it makes me look like a genius.

Rebecca Stripling, CNMT

"I love it."

I love it, the Interpreting MDs love it, the billing office loves it, the turn around time is less than one day --Thank you again!

Sheena Sharma MD FACC

"Goes above & beyond to provide excellent service"

Working with Jim is an absolute pleasure as he is extremely professional and dedicated, and goes well above and beyond to provide excellent service.

His process includes carefully listening to his clients, and generative discussions in which multiple different options are discussed, to help craft a solution that works well in your laboratory.

He was also available for questions, and special customization which further augmented our reporting software.

We have now fully implemented the Template Reporting System, are very proud of our final reports & have achieved IAC Nuclear Accreditation thanks in part to Jim’s hard work.”

Jeffrey Harris, Lead Technical Analyst

"A very well written & supported application"

... a very well written & supported application.   Easy, clear, concise and correctly communicated.  We are extremely pleased with the software; and would recommend it to anybody looking for an affordable solution.

Jim is one of a kind & very passionate about wanting to help others produce top notch documentation.

Chris Gilles, MD ABNM

Medical Director

"Very helpful addition to our lab"

The Template Reporting System is a very helpful addition to our lab.

It is intuitive to use; report creation is quick, and the final report looks nice.

I would recommend the software to any size physician group reading Nuclear Cardiology studies to standardize the final report, which is the most important part of a myocardial perfusion study.

Jana Boerger, CNMT RT(N)

"Service & support exceeds my expectations"

Your software has satisfied the needs as well as the budget of our practice.  It's very easy to customize, & the service and support exceeds my expectations.

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction & skillful execution”

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