Superior Reports.

Quick, Simple & Easy.

Save Your Precious Time:

  • 33 Seconds for Normal Images

Zero Errors & No Proofreading:

  • 238 Error Checks & Corrective Messaging

Enhance Your Reputation:

  • Comprehensive, Crystal-Clear 1 Page Reports

Try it with No Risk:

  • Free, Fully Customized 30 Day Trial

Quick, Simple & Easy:

User Friendly

Clean & Simple User Interface.

Say Goodbye to Complicated Screens.

Easy to Quickly Learn & Understand.

Saves You Time

Physicians:  33 seconds (total) for normal images, < 1 minute for abnormal.

CNMTs:  2 – 2.5 minutes / report.

Eliminates back & forth with transcriptionists.


Checks for ICANL Compliance.

Checks for OmissionsLogical Inconsistencies.

Corrective Messaging tells you exactly what you need to fix. 


Success Message tells you when your reports are ICANL Compliant & logically Consistent.

No more Endless Proofreading or Worry that you may have Overlooked something.

Immediate Report Turnaround

Reports are complete Immediately After the MD interprets images.

They've Already been Error-Checked.

Simply Upload/Scan the final PDF into your EHR.



Your Multiple Interpreting MDs can Each say things Precisely the way they prefer.

Unlimited Custom Sentences.

Describe Defects Clinically as well as scintigraphically.

Quick & Easy Implementation

Implement 3 Business Days From Today.

We Customize Everything: You do No Work.

Remote Training & Email, Text, Phone & Screen Sharing Support.


Quick & Easy to Understand

Relevant findings are Quickly Gleaned.

Visual Hierarchy Guides Referring Physicians to Salient Results.

Zero I.T. Burden

No applications or databases to install, maintain or repair.

Everything happens inside Word.

Requirement: a PC with Word 2010 or newer. 

We Make Everything (Like Getting Your Price) Simple & Easy


We offer several different payment options so you can choose what works best for you.


Comprehensive, Crystal-Clear 1-Page Reports

Because Your Reports Are All That Other Physicans See

It makes me look like a genius

I love it, I push a few buttons and it makes me look like a genius.

Ishwara Sharma, MD FACC Nuclear Interpreting Physician, Intermed Associates

It's foolproof.

I like how the error-checking tells me if I forget something- instead of finding out when it's too late.

Fred Williams RT(N) Technical Director, Camp Lowell Cardiology

Fast and super-easy to use after you've done about 7 reports

Very short learning curve.

Mark C. Goldberg, MD FACC Nuclear Interpreting Physician, Mark C Goldberg MD PC

Intuitive to use; report creation is quick

... and the final report looks nice. It has been a very helpful addition to our lab. Would recommend the software to any size physician group.

Chris Gilles, MD ABNM Medical Director of ICANL Nuclear Lab

Goes well above & beyond to provide excellent service

Working with Jim was an absolute pleasure as he is extremely professional and dedicated. His process includes carefully listening to his clients ... to help craft a solution that works well in your laboratory.

Sheena Sharma MD FACC Cardiologist, St. Vincent Hospital

Superior Reports:


Clear & Easy to Understand (for non-cardiologists also)

Relevant Results are Quickly Gleaned

Visual Hierarchy Emphasizes Important Findings

Flawless Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Spacing & Alignment

Highly Professional Design: Makes your Practice / Department Stand Out

Single Page Reports. Mulitple Page Reports Get Separated by other Physicians' Office Staff

 Simple Steps to Implement in Your Lab:

Evaluate It:

  • Try Quick-Start Demo Template
  • Generate an Exact Quote
  • Schedule an Online Demo

Get it Customized:

  • Complete  & Return Customization Questionnaire
  • We Customize it in 3-4 days
  • Purchase It

Start Using It:

  • Remote Training
  • Support: Text, Email, Phone & Screen Sharing
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Fits Into Any Lab:

All you need is a PC with Word.

Automated MS Word Templates

No programs/databases to install or maintain.

All report creation happens in MS Word.

Simply Upload PDF report to your EHR.

Create Report

  • CNMT time = 2.5 minutes
  • MD time = 20 seconds to 1 minute

Save as PDF

  • MD immediately reviews & electronically signs
  • Save as PDF

Upload / Scan to EHR

  • Staff uploads / scans PDF into any modern EHR

“We had some concerns about if we could easily implement it.”

The Template Reporting System looked great, but we had some concerns about if we could easily implement it. In the beginning, I was a little apprehensive about using it.

But once I gave it a try I’m all in. I find the templates to be very helpful and easy to use.  It’s really cool.

The support & service has been great, and we’re all very happy with the software.  Thanks a million.”

Chenequa Anderson, Medical Assistant

Laurelton Heart Specialists

“I love it.”

I love it, the Interpreting MDs love it, the billing office loves it, & the turn around time is less than one day.

Thank you again!

Rebecca Stripling CNMT, Technical Director

Houston Methodist Cardiology Associates

“A very well written & supported application”

Easy, clear, concise and correctly communicated.  We are extremely pleased with the software; and would recommend it to anybody looking for an affordable solution.

Jim is one of a kind & very passionate about wanting to help others produce top notch documentation.

Jeffrey Harris, Lead Technical Analyst

SSM Integrated Health Technologies, St Louis, MO

Cardiologists Love Our User-Friendly Interface


Nuclear Cardiology is Complex.

Reporting software should be as Simple as possible.

Our Intuitive Interface makes it Easy to Quickly create Perfect Reports.


Everything Should Be Made as Simple as Possible, But Not Simpler.

~ Albert Einstein *

Here’s What You Get:


Common Questions About the Template Reporting System

Report Creation

How Does it Work?

Our software creates one thing:  ICANL compliant Nuclear Cardiology (SPECT/PET MPI) final reports.

The software is contained within Automated MS Word templates (.docm files) with built in programming & graphical user interface.

The templates are stand alone- they do not pull information from your hotlab software, RIS, or processing station.  All demographic & dosage information must be entered into the reports.  But this only adds about 30 technologist seconds per report.

All report creation happens within MS Word.  No external programs or databases are needed.

System requirement:  A PC with MS Word 2007 or newer

How Much Time Does a Report Take?

Technologists:  2 – 2.5 minutes per report.

Interpreting MDs:  33 seconds (total) for normal images; less than 1 minute for abnormal.

Once the Interpreting MD is done, the report is complete.  It has already been error-checked for:

  • Errors
  • Ommissions
  • ICANL Compliance
  • Logical Contradictions

Report turnaround is immediate.

How Does the Error Checking Work?

There are 238 error-checks for completeness, compliance & logical consistency.

There is a specific corrective message (exactly how to fix the error) for each error that the error-checking uncovers.

For every section of the report you create:

  • Demographics / History
  • Stress Test / Dosages
  • Image Interpretation

You will press a button which triggers sophisticated error-checking & corrective messaging algorithms.

If you omit any ICANL-required report elements, OR if there are any logical contradictions in your report, you will notified with a specific message about what is wrong and exactly how to correct it.

If all required report elements are present & there are no contradictions, you will get a “SUCCESS” message indicating there are no problems.

Does It Support PET MPI?


It will create an ICANL compliant report for PET MPI stress tests.

It does not have functionality for absolute blood flow or PET viability studies.

Are Polar Plots an Option?


We believe all reports should be 1 page in length.

Otherwise, when printed at healthcare providers’ offices, report pages tend to get separated which potentially causes confusion & mistakes.

Summed Stress Scores & Perfusion Defect Extent percentages are an option.


How Soon Could I Be Up & Running?

3 or 4 days from today.

We can usually have you up and running within 3 business days after you pay & return the Customization Survey.

  • We do an online training session, & you’re off & running.

Can I Customize My Own Templates?

Yes.  Customization by us is included in your price, but if you want to, certainly you can customize your own templates in any way you see fit.

That’s one of the beauties of MS Word- you can endlessly style the way your report looks- fonts, sections, you name it.

We have video tutorials which are sufficient to enable you to completely customize every aspect of your templates.

How Does the Pricing / Licensing Work?

We charge a one-time fee for customization & a permanent licensing key.

The license allows you to use your software forever.

Customization includes the following:

Also included is:

  • A remote training session on your customized templates
  • Email support
  • Text support
  • Phone support
  • Screen sharing support if necessary
  • (We may first point you to 1 of our 20 video tutorials to answer your questions

How Will I be Supported?

You get the following support:

  • Live remote training session on your customized templates
  • Email support
  • Text support
  • Phone support
  • Screen sharing support (when necessary)
  • We may first point you to 1 of our 20 video tutorials

We’ll always do whatever is necessary to resolve your issue.

Most of our customers don’t need any support after their first week; it’s all very intuitive.

Our corrective error messaging tells you exactly what to do if you get off track.


What Kind of Technology Do I Need?

You need:  A PC with Word 2007 or newer in the Reading Room.

Optional:  Another PC with Word for the CNMT to complete their part of the report away from reading room.

  • If using more than 1 PC, a shared folder on a local server is handy (but not necessary) to manage the report files.
  • You may also use Dropbox for Business (which is HIPAA compliant)

How Do I Incorporate Reports Into Our IT?

The final report is a PDF file, which can be easily uploaded or scanned into the patient’s chart in any EHR.

Our software is stand-alone.  It does not directly communicate with Image Processing Workstations, EHRs or hotlab software.