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Announcing The NucReporterTM:

Superior SPECT/PET MPI Reports: Quickly, Simply & Easily

Are you spending TOO MUCH TIME creating reports that AREN’T REALLY ICANL Compliant? Do your reports IMPRESS your referring physicians? We can SAVE you time, PROTECT your accreditation/reimbursment & BOOST your reputation- while IMPROVING your profitability.

238 error-checks = 100% IAC Nuclear/PET & ACR/ASNC Compliance | No errors or omissions | Flawless grammar, spelling & punctuation | Visually appealing | Quickly digestible | Easy to read & understand | Our reports enable non-cardiologists to provide YOUR patients with the most appropriate care

For Physicians: 33 seconds / report for normal images.  Less than 1 minute for abnormal | For CNMTs: 2 – 2.5 minutes / report | Streamlined Interface | No proofreading required | Total confidence that reports are correct | Immediate report turnaround

Simple intuitive user interface | Error-checking & corrective messaging keeps you on track | Very short learning curve | Cardiologists can use PDF checklist to interpret = Even Faster | Start your free 30-day trial a week from today

We’re so sure you’ll LOVE the NucReporter that we assume ALL the risk | We FULLY CUSTOMIZE your NucReporter & you use it for 30 days | KEEP YOUR REPORTS if you don’t love it | Pay only if you DO love it | You don’t pay a CENT until EVERYBODY is sure they LOVE it

Join Our Happy Clients: Testimonials for The NucReporterTM

Here is what my 6 doctors and 2 nuclear techs had to say:

“Great” ... “Easy” ... "User Friendly” ... “Comprehensive patient data” ... “Nice report format” ... “Easy for a non-cardiologist to understand.” ... “Revolutionized (!) our nuclear reporting process.” ... “Good” ... “Vast improvement over prior reporting format” ... “Easiest I’ve used”

Leslie Foreman, CNMT Lead Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Lake Charles Heart & Vascular Center

Fast and super-easy to use after you've done about 7 reports

Fast and super-easy to use after you've done about 7 reports. Very short learning curve. Complete, concise, well-organized and nice-looking reports that are free from errors. Quickly digestible single-page reports. Very well designed software.

Mark C. Goldberg, MD FACC Nuclear Interpreting Physician, Mark C Goldberg MD PC

I like how the error-checking tells me if I forget something.

It's simple, it makes sense & it's easy to fill in a report. The dropdowns make it fast & easy. I'd rather have the error-checking tell me I forgot something instead of finding out when from a referring physician. It's foolproof.

Fred Williams, RT(N) Technical Director, Camp Lowell Cardiology

The NucReporterTM Creates Super Clear, Flawless Reports

  • Protects Your Reimbursement: 100% ICANL/ACR/ASNC Compliant
  • Enhances Your Reputation: Highly Professional Design
  • Clear & Easy to Understand (for non-cardiologists also)
  • Relevant Results are Quickly Gleaned
  • Visual Hierarchy Emphasizes Important Findings
  • Flawless Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Spacing & Alignment
  • Single Page Reports. Mulitple Page Reports Get Separated by other Physicians' Office Staff

The NucReporterTM is Quick, Simple & Easy


Sophisticated structured reporting software is necesary to create high-quality, ICANL-compliant reports.

Ours is quick, simple & easy.


Super Fast

Physicians:  33 seconds (total) for normal images, < 1 minute for abnormal.

CNMTs:  2 – 2.5 minutes / report.

Eliminates back & forth with transcriptionists.

Easy to Use

Clean & Simple User Interface

No More Complicated Screens

Very Short Learning Curve

Flawless Reports

Protects Your Accreditation & Reimbursement

Error-Checks for Omissions, Logical Inconsistencies & ICANL Compliance

Corrective Messaging tells you exactly how to fix errors

Immediate Report Turnaround

Reports are complete Immediately After the MD interprets images.

They've Already been Error-Checked.

Simply Upload/Scan the final PDF into your EHR.

Peace of Mind

Success Message tells you when your reports are ICANL Compliant & logically Consistent

No more Endless Proofreading or Worry that you may have Overlooked something



Multiple Interpreting Physicians can Each say things Precisely the way they prefer

Unlimited Custom Sentences

Describe Defects Clinically as well as scintigraphically

Super Easy to Implement

Implement 3 Business Days From Today

We Customize Everything: You do No Work

Remote Training & Email, Text, Phone & Screen Sharing Support

Easy I.T. Integration

No applications or databases to install, maintain or repair.

Everything happens inside Word.

Requirement: a PC with Word 2010 or newer.


Super Clear, Single Page Reports

Enhances Your Practice's Reputation

Makes You More Competitive for Referrals

Quickly Digestible, Relevant findings are Quickly Gleaned

We've Made Everything (Like Getting Your Price) Simple & Easy


We offer several different payment options.

Choose what works best for you.


Recurring Monthly Fee

(1 yr min. commitment)
  •  +No Set-up Fees, Free Customization
  • 30 Day No-Risk Trial: Free, 100% Fully-Functioning, 100% Fully Customized (No obligation)
  • Remote Online Training
  • Support: Phone, Text, Email, Screensharing & Online Videos
  • Super Quick & Easy Implementation
  • System Requirement: Windows PCs with Word 2010 or newer
  • Updates included 

The NucReporterTM Saves You Time & Pays for Itself Quickly


Use our ROI Calculator to Calculate How Much Time & Money You’ll Save

Also Calculates Your Break-Even Point:


Return on Investment Calculator:


Click here for Radiology Today Article About Cost of Transcription

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What You Will Save by Switching to the NucReporter:

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hours (approx)
hours (approx)
hours (approx)

Break-Even Point / Time for NucReporter to pay for itself:

1Month or less
$Net Benefit / Month Starting Immediately

Ongoing Benefits Into the Future:

hours (approx)
hours (approx)
hours (approx)
hours (approx)

 Easy Steps to Evaluate & Implement The NucReporterTM:

Check it Out

  • Watch the Demo Video
  • Get a  Free Live Remote Demo

Get a Free 30 Day Trial

  • Fully Customized
  • Fully Functioning
  • Use it for 30 Days

Keep It

  • Pay When You're Sure Everybody Likes It
  • Zero Risk to Your Practice
  • Keep Your Reports From Trial

Cardiologists Love The NucReporterTM's User-Friendly Interface


Nuclear Cardiology is Complex.

Reporting software should be as Simple as possible.

Our SimpleIntuitive Interface is Super Quick & Easy to Learn & Use


Everything Should Be Made as Simple as Possible, But Not Simpler.

~ Albert Einstein *

More Testimonials for The NucReporterTM

... phenomenal.

The software that Jim has developed and brought to the cardiac setting is phenomenal. On top of an easy software package to learn, it gives a practice the professionalism that is needed and consistent with the highest overseers. Monumental beyond belief of how this package has transformed how we help our patients, other practices and making reporting “clear”.

Ronald Lewis, CNMT Technical Director, Ziad Marjieh MD

It makes me look like a genius

I love it, I push a few buttons and it makes me look like a genius.

Ishwara Sharma, MD FACC Nuclear Interpreting Physician, Intermed Associates

Intuitive to use; report creation is quick

The NucReporter has been a very helpful addition to our lab. It's intuitive to use; report creation is quick, and the final report looks nice. Would recommend the software to any size physician group to standardize the final report, which is the most important part of an MPI study.

Chris Gilles, MD ABNM Medical Director of ICANL Nuclear Lab