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NucReporter Testimonials: Join Our Happy Clients

We had some concerns about if we could easily implement it

In the beginning, I was a little apprehensive about using it. But once I gave it a try I’m all in. I find the templates to be very helpful and easy to use. It’s really cool. The support & service has been great, and we're all really happy with the software. Thanks a million.

Chenequa Anderson Medical Assistant, Laurelton Heart Specialists, PC

I like how the error-checking tells me if I forget something.

It's simple, it makes sense & it's easy to fill in a report. The dropdowns make it fast & easy. I'd rather have the error-checking tell me I forgot something instead of finding out when it's too late. It's foolproof.

Fred Williams, RT(N) Technical Director, Camp Lowell Cardiology

Intuitive to use; report creation is quick

The NucReporter has been a very helpful addition to our lab. It's intuitive to use; report creation is quick, and the final report looks nice. Would recommend the software to any size physician group to standardize the final report, which is the most important part of an MPI study.

Chris Gilles, MD ABNM Medical Director, St. Mary's Hospital Nuclear Medicine

Fast and super-easy to use after you've done about 7 reports

Fast and super-easy to use after you've done about 7 reports. Very short learning curve. Complete, concise, well-organized and nice-looking reports that are free from errors. Quickly digestible single-page reports. Very well designed software.

Mark C. Goldberg, MD FACC Nuclear Interpreting Physician, Camp Lowell Cardiology

A very well written & supported application

Reports are easy to create, clear, concise and correctly communicated. We are extremely pleased with the software and would recommend to anybody looking for an affordable solution. We are very pleased with our choice. Jim is one of a kind and very passionate about wanting to help others produce top-notch documentation.

Jeffrey Harris Lead Technical Analyst, SSM Health Technologies

Goes well above & beyond to provide excellent service

We were fortunate to come across this reporting software. The software enables you to deliver your interpretation of results in an intuitive and organized format. It also serves to meet the IAC Accreditation Reporting Standards, including appropriate use criteria. Working with Jim was an absolute pleasure as he is extremely professional and dedicated, and goes well above and beyond to provide excellent service. His process includes carefully listening to his clients, and generative discussions in which multiple different options are discussed, to help craft a solution that works well in your laboratory. We have now fully implemented the NucReporter, are very proud of our final reports and have achieved IAC Nuclear Accreditation thanks in part to Jim’s hard work.

Sheena Sharma MD FACC Nuclear Interpreting Physician, Intermed Associates

(Everybody) loves it

I love it… the Interpreting MDs LOVE it… The billing office loves it… The turn around time is less than one day… Thank you again!

Rebecca Stripling, CNMT Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Houston Methodist Cardiology Associates

... phenomenal.

The software that Jim has developed and brought to the cardiac setting is phenomenal. On top of an easy software package to learn, it gives a practice the professionalism that is needed and consistent with the highest overseers. Monumental beyond belief of how this package has transformed how we help our patients, other practices and making reporting “clear”.

Ronald Lewis, CNMT Technical Director, Ziad Marjieh MD

Here is what my 6 doctors and 2 nuclear techs had to say:

“Great” ... “Easy” ... "User Friendly” ... “Comprehensive patient data” ... “Nice report format” ... “Easy for a non-cardiologist to understand.” ... “Revolutionized (!) our nuclear reporting process.” ... “Good” ... “Vast improvement over prior reporting format” ... “Easiest I’ve used”

Leslie Foreman, CNMT Lead Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Lake Charles Heart & Vascular Center

Exceeds my expectations

The NucReporter has satisfied the needs and the budget of our practice. It's easy to customize & the service and support exceed my expectations.

Jana Boerger, CNMT RT(N) Nuclear Medicine Technologist, St. Anthony Physicians

It makes me look like a genius

I love it, I push a few buttons and it makes me look like a genius.

Ishwara Sharma, MD FACC Nuclear Interpreting Physician, Intermed Associates

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