Nucreporter Features

Speed, Simplicity & Standardization

The NucReporter quickly produces SPECT/PET MPI reports that are 100% IAC, ACR & ASNC compliant.

A simple, clean user interface enables relaxed, fast & accurate report creation.

Error-checking algorithms give you the OK that your reports are:

  • Complete
  • Accreditation compliant
  • Logically consistent

Corrective messaging algorithms alert you to any problems and tell you how to correct them.

Absolute Accreditation Compliance

Standardized reports

Allows for objective communication of findings.

Standardization ensures that the report will mean the same thing to the physician reading the report as it did to the cardiologist who created the report.

The IAC recommends you standardize your reports according to ASNC’s 65 pages of reporting standards:

The NucReporter keeps you compliant with these standards.

Your reports match your IAC Policy & Procedure Manual

The IAC regularly checks that your reports match your protocols.

We meticulously customize your reports so that you sail through IAC re-applications, audits, & site visits.

We’ve got your back where compliance is concerned

There are many, many requirements your reports must comply with in order to satisfy the IAC.

Click below to see everything the IAC requires:

Creating IAC compliant reports without precise standardized software is extremely difficult, if not impossible.

The foundation of The NucReporter is 100% accreditation compliance.

  • We’ve automated every aspect of report compliance so you never have to think about it.

Click below to see all the ways The NucReporter keeps your accreditation secure.

Error Checking & Corrective Messages

238 error-checks per report

  • No omissions, errors, contradictions or compliance issues
  • Rapidly create reports with confidence
  • No laborious concentration at the end of the day on reports
  • No proofreading

“Success!” message

Our success message tells you once your report is:

  • Complete
  • Accreditation compliant
  • Free from inconsistencies

Corrective messaging algorithms

It’s hard to make a mistake with our simple user interface.

But if you do, you will be alerted to exactly what it is and on exactly how to rectify it.

Fast & Easy User Interface

To make report creation easy, our user interface is:

  • Simple
  • Uncluttered
  • Intuitive

Quick-Normal Report Feature

  • This feature allows cardiologists to create normal reports in < 30 seconds.

1 Choose an EF%

Choose the EF% from a dropdown.

2 Click “No Previous” or Compare to Previous

Simply tick a checkbox if there’s no previous.

Or, choose from a dropdown if there is a previous.

3 You’re Done (in < 30 seconds)

Here’s the Quick-Normal Screen:

Fast & Simple Abnormal Reports

Clean, Uncluttered User Interface

  • Abnormal images take < 1 minute

Most of our competitors have a complicated interface.

  • Our’s is spacious & easy to understand
  • Required fields are labeled in red

Mark Goldberg, MD FACC

Camp Lowell Cardiology

Very Well Designed Software

‘It’s fast and super-easy to use once you’ve done about 7 reports. It’s simple to use, like a Roku.’

View our User Interface:

Click below to see our UI:

Customized For Your Cardiology Practice

Every nuclear cardiology lab is unique.

We precisely customize every detail to reflect your practice.

Practice information clearly displayed

  • Practice Name
  • Your staff displayed in header
    • (optional)
  • Contact info
  • Accreditation seal

Your brand is reinforced

  • Professionally designed header
    • Logo
    • Staff
    • Contact info
    • Accreditation seal
  • Fonts match your website

Your personnel

  • Referring physicians
  • Ordering physicians
  • Stress test supervisors
  • Nuclear medicine technologists
  • Interpreting physicians

Stress protocols

Your stress test sections are customized to reflect your treadmill protocols, infusion durations, tracer injection timing, whether you use adjunctive exercise, which treadmill protocols you use, dobutamine infusion rate increases, use of atropine, aminophylline, etc.

Easily deviate from your usual protocols with a click.

  • Exercise Tolerance Test Report
    • (ETT without images)
  • Exercise
  • Lexiscan
  • Adenosine
  • Dobutamine
  • Dipyridamole

Imaging protocols

Your imaging protocol sections are customized to reflect the tracers you use, your rest & stress acquisition modes (SPECT, gated SPECT, anterior planar) injection to imaging delay times, use of attenuation correction, whether you use prone imaging, etc.

Easily deviate from your usual protocols with a click.

  • PET
    • Rb-82
    • Same day
      • Rest / stress
      • Stress / rest
    • Two day
      • Rest / stress
      • Stress / rest
    • Dual isotope
    • Thallium redistribution
      • 4-hour delay
      • 4- hour & 24-hour delays
    • Stress-only
      • Normal or abnormal results
    • Viability
      • 4-hour delay
      • 4- hour & 24-hour delays

Custom image interpretation sentences

4 custom sentence dropdowns

  • Unlimited sentences of your choosing into each dropdown
  • Or type on the fly for idiosyncratic cases

Electronic signatures

  • Type your password & quickly sign

Flexible Reporting

Cardiologists are very particular about what their myocardial perfusion imaging reports say. Some cardiologists like to a simple description of scintigraphic findings, others like summed scores, percentages, and their own sentences to put things in a certain context.

The NucReporter is very flexible & accomodates many different preferences.

  • Reports can be simple & quick
  • Or, they can be as detailed as you like

Custom sentences

  • 4 dropdowns populated with your own custom sentences
    • You quickly choose where they go
    • Custom sentences available on Quick-Normal screen
  • Type on the fly for idiosyncratic findings

Clincial defect descriptions in Impression

  • Use accessible language such as “stress-induced ischemia” or “infarct” in the Impression
    • Still satisfy the IAC with ASNC terminology in the findings section

Custom succinct Impressions:

The IAC requires 2 succinct Impressions, 1 for perfusion, 1 for LV function

  • The NucReporter automatically generates Normal/Abnormal for each of these
    • (This fulfills the requirements)
  • Choose your own succinct Impressions from dropdowns if you like

Summed scores

Quickly report any combination of:

  • Summed stress score
  • Summed rest score
  • Summed difference score

Perfusion defect % scores

Quickly report any combination of:

  • Total defect percent
  • Ischemia percent
  • Scar percent
    • Percents can be emphasized at the top of the Impression with a single click


  • Compare to previous sentences (customizable)
  • Recommendation sentences (customizable)
  • FreeText anywhere you like
  • Transient ischemic dilation easily reported

Useful, Nice-Looking Reports

Your reports are the only reflection of your nuclear lab the world ever sees.

Your reports will be:

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Comprehensive

Easy to understand, for all healthcare providers

Your reports will use clear language & be organized so that non-cardiologists can understand the meaning of your stress test results.

This ensures that your patients will receive proper care from all their physicians.

Quickly Digestible

We expertly apply design principles to increase rapid comprehension:

  • Clear visual hierarchy
    • Section headers
    • Use of section dividers
    • Appropriate fonts & font sizes for different sections

Summary Sections

  • Exercise test summary section
  • Succinct Impressions section
    • (Perfusion & LV function)

Single-page reports

  • Results gleaned at a glance
  • Are appreciated by your referring physicians
  • Are superior to multi-page reports
    • Multiple pages can get separated by other offices’ staff
      • This causes confusion & mistakes by other physicians

Professional design strengthens your practice’s brand

  • Attractive report header
    • Your most recent logo is incorporated
    • Your staff is included
    • Your accreditation seal is displayed
  • Your report fonts match your website

Flawless reports

No proofreading is required, every report has perfect:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Spacing
  • Alignment

Report examples:

The report from any testing facility to the requesting physician is the single most important part of the test as it communicates the result of the test to the patient’s health care provider, allowing them to act on the result and provide meaningful care. … Therefore, it is essential that the results are reported accurately and concisely to reduce the need for unnecessary and repetitive testing and decrease patient risk.

~ The nuclear cardiology report: Problems, predictors, and improvement. A report from the ICANL database. Peter L. Tilkemeier, MD et. al., Journal of Nuclear Cardiology

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