System Requirements

A Windows PC with MS Word 2010 or Newer

To use The NucReporter (including our Quick-Start Demo Download), you will need:

  • A Windows PC
  • MS Word installed locally
    • Word 2010 or newer works
    • The new online/web version of Word will not work

The NucReporter will not work on:

  • An Apple Macintosh
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones / mobile devices

No Databases or Local Applications Required

There are no programs or databases for your IT people to maintain or fuss with.

All report creation and program execution happens inside Word documents (.docm files)

Microsoft Word, in combination with our templates, contains all necessary programming.

  • There is generally no maintenance whatsoever.

A Folder on A Local Server Is Optimal

This is handy, but not necessary.

Simply ask your IT person to:

  1. Create an empty folder on your server, and
  2. Create a shortcut to that folder on the desktop of the PCs you will use for reports
  3. We’ll do the rest.

This is a trivial task for your IT people and is all we will need from them.

    Reason for The Folder

The server folder allows multiple PCs to be used for different parts of the report creation process:

  • Front Desk:
    • Name, DOB, MRN etc.
  • CNMTs:
    • History, Indications
    • Stress Test Results
    • Dosages
  • Cardiologists:
    • Image Interpretation
    • Electronic signing
  • MAs / Clerical:
    • Uploading final PDF to EHR

Quick-Start Demo System Requirements:

Any Windows PC with MS Word 2010 or newer can be used to experiment with our Quick-Start Demo download.

  • The server folder is not necessary to experiment with the Quick-Start Demo Download.

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