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What Is The NucReporter & How Does it Work?


The NucReporter is software that creates nuclear cardiology reports (SPECT or PET Myocardial Perfusion Imaging reports).

It is most suitable for small to medium cardiology practices, particularly those accredited by IAC Nuclear / PET.

Some of its benefits include:

  • Error-checking for IAC compliance with corrective messages for:
    • Non-compliance
    • Omissions
    • Inconsistencies
    • Etc
  • Ease of use; simple user-friendly interface
  • Fast report creation
  • Easy to understand, attractive single-page reports
  • Flexibility & customizability
  • Affordability

Software Platform

  • The NucReporter consists of Microsoft Word Templates (.docm files) with highly sophisticated embedded programming (macros).
  • All program execution occurs within the report you are creating.


The NucReporter started in 2010 with a Nuclear Cardiology Technical Director tinkering with Word documents.

This was in an effort to speed up & simplify the time consuming, laborious & error-prone process of manually creating IAC-compliant nuclear cardiology reports.

Eventually, it became so valuable that it’s creator wanted to help his colleagues solve the thorny problem of creating IAC compliant reports. It was first offered to the public in 2013.

Since then it has been perfected in the real world to be a fully functional, standardized report generator that is used by cardiology labs all across the US to quickly & easily create reports that keep cardiology practices compliant with their overseers.

Comprehensive error-checking and corrective messaging algorithms ensure that every report it creates is 100% compliant with:

  • IAC reporting standards
  • ASNC reporting standards
  • ACR reporting standards

Why MS Word Templates?

Other software platforms including web-based (SAAS) platforms were considered.

However, the decision was made to stick with Microsoft Word Templates as the platform.

While unorthodox, we stuck with Word as the platform because:

  • Word is perfectly suited for the creation of sophisticated text documents
  • Word offers the highest level of formatting sophistication so that reports can look good and have a clear visual hierarchy
    • The final PDF report looks great & can easily be uploaded to your EHR
  • With the right expertise, Word can be leveraged for very sophisticated & user friendly:
    • User interfaces
    • Sentence creation algorithms
      • Including standardized terminology
    • Error-checking algortihms
    • Corrective messaging
  • Word allows for the most customization to allow for different clients’ preferences
    • Web based software is necessarily one-size fits all (not very flexible)
  • All patient data is kept locally on your server
    • We never have access to any of your patient data
  • There is no maintenance required & nothing ever goes wrong
    • No applications or databases of our own are installed on your network
      • This eliminates demands on your IT staff
      • All program execution occurs within the MS Word documents
      • Microsoft regularly updates Word
        • Our embedded programming is always compatible with the latest Word updates as well as older versions of Word
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