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How to Turn Off the Highlighting / Colors

Why Are There Colors in The Demographics & Stress Test Sections?

Answer: To make data entry easier for the Demographics section, Tracer dosages, & the Stress Test section.

Color Key:

  • Blue = you type into these fields
  • Gray = required dropdowns
    • You must enter a choice into at least the first dropdown in a series of gray dropdowns
      • These are IAC required report elements
    • You can also type into these if the choice you want isn’t there
  • Yellow = optional dropdowns
    • These are only sometimes necessary
      • Millimeters ST depression
      • T-wave changes
      • Nitroglycerin given
      • Etc.

How to Get Rid of The Colors

Once data entry is complete you don’t want colors on your report.

Turn off the colors by clicking the square at the top left on the Word blue window-frame:

Turn Off the Highlighting
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