How Do I Enable Macros?

What Are Macros?

Macros are the programming that is embedded into our NucReporter templates. This programming is written in a language called VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). It is contained within our Word Templates & all program execution happens inside Word, which keeps your IT environment clean.

You must give permission to Word to allow our macros to run.

Our macros work in conjuction with MS Word programming to do all sorts of things:

  • Point & Click User Interfaces (The Image Interpretation Builder)
  • Sentence creation algorithms
  • Error-Checking
  • Corrective Messaging
  • Calculations
  • Report cleanup / final formatting
  • Electronic signatures
  • Report finalization / PDF creation
  • Much more

Method 1: “Enable Content”

When you open a template in Word, you may see a yellow bar at the top with a button that says “Enable Content”.

Click this button to enable our embedding programming on this template only.

This is a one-time permission that enables our macros (programming) for the document you are currently working on.

If you later change the name of the file, say from “Exercise Same Day Rest Stress Template.docm” to “Doe, John 09_12-2021 Exercise Same Day Rest Stress”, you will have to hit the button again.

  • Our programming changes the names of files in the above manner as part of the report creation process.

Here’s what the “Enable Content” button looks like:

Enable Content Button

Method 2: Enable All Macros

This method will make it so that our embedded programming can always run without ever having to press the “Enable Content” button.

The below process will affect only the PC you enable all macros on.

The images below show this being done on Word 365, but it is very similar on all versions of Word.

You can do the below process while having any Word document open.

Step 1: Click “File” at the Upper Right of Word

Click File

Step 2: Click “Options” on the Menu

Click Options

Step 3: Click “Trust Center”

Click Trust Center

Step 4: Click “Trust Center Settings …”

Click Trust Center Settings

Step 5: Click “Enable All Macros”

Click Enable All Macros

(Our code is not dangerous)

Step 6: Click “OK”

Now that you’ve enable macros on that PC, they will run without having to push the “Enable Macros” button.

  • This process must be performed once on each PC you’re using to create / edit reports.
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